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by Eugenio Guccione

Storia e Politica resumes four-monthly publications in the field of university scientific research. This new series comes out at a time when everybody is proposing radical reforms in university organization and rigorous evaluation criteria. Those of us, who have taken on the responsibility of representing a prestigious journal – that in the past bore the names of wellknown scholars – are aware that we are undertaking a difficult task and that we have a great cultural inheritance in hand which has to be preserved and increased. We have no pretension, since we are ready to run a risk, promising to act with great zeal and care. It is evident that we cannot do much by ourselves since all our efforts would be vain. We absolutely need the contribution of scholars who, sharing our ideas, carry out political and historical research based on international methodological criteria and directed to original and innovative works.

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ANNO VIII, n. 2 - 2016